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Welcome to ThymiStem
An EU-funded research partnership
working towards stem cell therapies
that can boost the immune system
9 research teams
7 countries
Working to better understand the thymus
is an essential organ
where T cells are made
of the immune system
The thymus

Welcome to ThymiStem. We’re an EU-funded partnership of 9 research teams. We're working towards stem cell therapies to boost the immune system by regenerating or replacing the thymus. Learn more...

News and Events

Recent news and events from the project:


Thymistem took part in the Eurostemcell Wikithon on 20th July to change the way the world reads about the thymus and stem cells.

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Nanoden Praha 2016

Thymistem partner Nanopharma revealed the wonder of nanoscience at a floating exhibition in Prague on 28th May. The event which was part of Czech Innovation week was created to celebrate and explain the science of nanotechnology.

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Thymsitem launch the Croatian translation of  ‘My Amazing Immune System’  on Day of Immunology 2016

Day of Immunology 2016

Through exploring how to regenerate the thymus we’ll hopefully learn how to renew this vital organ of the immune system. Providing a hand for those left vulnerable to infection and disease, for example when elderly or in post-cancer treatment.

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