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Welcome to ThymiStem
An EU-funded research partnership
working towards stem cell therapies
that can boost the immune system
9 research teams
7 countries
Working to better understand the thymus
is an essential organ
where T cells are made
of the immune system
The thymus

Welcome to ThymiStem. We’re an EU-funded partnership of 9 research teams. We're working towards stem cell therapies to boost the immune system by regenerating or replacing the thymus. Learn more...

News and Events

Recent news and events from the project:

A window to the work of a scientist

On 14th January Alberto Briones Leon (Thymistem) Jasmin Paris (a Vet and PhD student), Cathy Southworth (Public engagement manager for ThymiStem) visited Castleview Primary School, Edinburgh, for their “world of work week” to talk about being a scientist.

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Meet two new Thymistem lab members

Alberto Briones Leon

I am from Mexico, I did a BSc in Biotechnology at the University of Queretaro. In 2010 I was awarded a scholarship from the National Science Council of Mexico (CONACyT) to pursue doctoral studies in the UK.

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